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Universities of Education (PHs) in Baden-Württemberg are unique in Europe. Their aim is to investigate particularly the didactics and teaching and learning processes and promote the professionalisation of teachers across the whole range of teaching professions. On the one hand, the PHs are responsible for the scientific qualification of the teachers of tomorrow. On the other hand, they provide numerous courses of study in the educational sciences at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level, for example in the areas of the pedagogy of childhood, cultural and health education, interculturality and multilingualism, German as a second and foreign language, media studies and environmental education.

This website serves as a portal for offering information on Universities of Education. Simultaneously, it provides access to shared Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) among the PH-network.

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This Website is an appliance of the Universities of Education Baden-Wuerttemberg in responsibility of the rector´s conference of the universities of Education.

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