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Heidelberg University of Education

Historical Place of Study, Modern Conditions of Study
Heidelberg offers optimum conditions as an educational location, especially excellence in teacher training because it is only here that all programmes leading to the teaching certificates are offered, including the study of Special Needs Education. Around 4,600 students at the Heidelberg University of Education benefit from a wide range of educational possibilities. After successful completion of the teaching-oriented Bachelor's courses of studies, the students can take up an educational profession or they can complete one of the Master of Education programmes beginning in the winter term of 2018/2019. These qualify them - after preparatory teaching practice - to work as a teacher. As a result of the restructuring of the study programmes, students who successfully complete the Bachelor's programme "Secondary Education (targeted on a teaching degree for students aged 10 to 17 (Sekundarstufe 1))" will also be able to change to the Master's programme with the Profile "Teaching Degree Grammer Schools (Gymnasium)".

For this purpose, the University of Education Heidelberg cooperates with the University of Heidelberg. In 2015 they together founded the Heidelberg School of Education (HSE). The School's establishment and sustained development is jointly funded by the federal and state governments within the framework of the "Quality Offensive Teacher Training". The association partners at the HSE pool their individual strengths, thus ensuring the best possible teacher training for the students.

In past years the Heidelberg University of Education has also developed further study programmes in the educational sector that go beyond the Teaching Certificate. For example, further Bachelor's programmes qualify teachers to work in Early Childhood Education and/or to implement preventive behaviour and relationship programmes in the field of Health Promotion. Among other things, the current Master's programmes provide training in leadership and innovation in educational institutions, E-Learning and Media Education as well as Engineering Education at Vocational Schools and Technical Secondary Schools.

Ideal Conditions for (Young) Researchers
The University's research-promoting infrastructure also invites interested students to participate in current educational research. Here, special support is given to qualifying young researchers working in the fields of the educational sciences, subject didactics and special needs education. In connection with this, in 2014 the University was the first University of Education to open a Graduate School. This PH Heidelberg Graduate School professionally assists young scientists and researchers to acquire both subject and methodological competences as well as key additional competences. For further information please see or

Actively shaping educational trajectories
The University of Education Heidelberg is highlighting new, forward-looking features; this includes the area of continuing education:

  • The Professional School offers a differentiated range of qualifications for teachers.
  • The Academy of Further Scientific Education offers additional internationally recognized courses in the areas of Coaching, Change Management as well as Intercultural Encounters and Diversity.

The range of programmes provided at the University is rounded off by numerous contact and certificate courses of study, also for undergraduate students. For further information please see

Excellent (inter)national connections
The strategic internationalization of the PH Heidelberg is also of great importance in defining its profile. The Heidelberg University of Education has numerous partner universities all over the world, both in the field of research and in teaching. Besides this, it was the only University of Education to participate successfully in the Audit of the German Rectors' Conference "Internationalization of the Universities" in 2011/2012. The Re-Audit is scheduled for 2016. For further information please see

In addition, as an important educational institution, the PH is firmly anchored in the metropolitan region of Rhein-Neckar. Here, the stimulating cultural scene embraces a great variety of exhibitions, concerts, readings and theatre productions

The Courses of Study at the University of Education Heidelberg

  • Bachelor
    • B.A. in Primary Education (targeted on a teaching degree for students aged 5 to 12 (Grundschule))
    • B.A. in Secondary Education (targeted on a teaching degree for students aged 10 to 17 (Sekundarstufe 1))
    • B.A. Special Needs Education (targeted on a teaching degree in special needs education)
    • B.A. Early Childhood and Elementary Education
    • B.A. Prevention and Health Promotion
  • Master
    • M.A. Educational Sciences (with optional profiles in Early Childhood Education, Educational Leadership, Teaching Strategies)
    • M.A. E-Learning und Media Education
    • M.Sc. Engineering Education (Higher Teaching Certificate at Vocational Schools and Technical Secondary Schools)
    • Master of Education (from winter term 2018/2019)
      • Teaching Degree Elementary School (Grundschule)
      • Profil Teaching Degree High Schools (Sekundarstufe I) / Profil Teaching Degree Grammer Schools (Gymnasium)
        (in cooperation with Heidelberg University)
      • Teaching Degree Special Needs Education
  • Teaching Certificate (up to Examination Regulations 2011)
    • postgraduate studies "Teaching Degree Special Schools (Sonderschulen)"
    • extension courses
    • complementary studies
    • additional qualifications
  • Doctor in Education or in Philosophy and PostDoctoral
    Ph.D.-Students can become a member of the PH Heidelberg Graduate School


Heidelberg University of Education
Keplerstraße 87
69120 Heidelberg, Germany

phone: +49 6221 477-555 (hotline)
fax: +49 6221 477-444

e-Mail: info(at)