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Karlsruhe University of Education (PH Karlsruhe)

A university with a long history – in the heart of the city

Karlsruhe University of Education specializes in educational processes in various institutional, social and cultural contexts. It was established in its present-day form in 1962  However, the beginnings of teacher training in Karlsruhe can be traced back to the year 1757. With around 3,700 students and 180 full-time researchers and lecturers as well as 90 administrative staff, the Karlsruhe University of Education seeks to attain the highest of quality standards. Developments in society, with a special focus on the underlying social and political conditions of education, are subjected to critical reflection and analysis.

The region of Karlsruhe, with its wide range of cultural events and technological institutions, offers an attractive and stimulating environment for teaching and research. The University’s close relationship with a large number of local and regional cultural, political, economic and social institutions broaden the students’ qualification options and open up attractive professional perspectives for graduates. Internationally, Karlsruhe University of Education has links with over 70 partner universities in Europe and other parts of the world.


Studies and further education
The University of Education offers a broad spectrum of programmes that qualify students for the educational professions:

  • The courses of study for the teaching profession at primary schools and secondary schools (Level I) can also be taken with the European Teaching Certificate profile, which specifically develops competences for educational work in intercultural contexts. An important feature of this profile are the wide-ranging possibilities for an individual choice of priorities. There are also numerous options for additional qualifications dealing with interdisciplinary topics that are of great importance at school (e.g. Media Studies or Career Guidance).
  • Bachelor’s programmes for those specializing in Early Childhood Education as well as in Health and Leisure Education enable students to enter professions that are in demand.
  • Consecutive Master’s programmes lead to advanced academic and professional qualifications in various fields. These include the Master’s programmes Educational Science, Intercultural Education, Migration and Multilingualism, Biodiversity and Environmental Education as well as Sports and Movement in Childhood and Adolescence.

Karlsruhe University of Education bears a special responsibility for developing educational programmes that respond to the challenges of lifelong learning and of learning in diversity. Advanced Master’s programmes and Certificates of Advanced Studies are therefore of great importance. The offerings also cover the areas of Education for Senior Citizens, Support for the Gifted, Counselling, Adult Education and Environmental Education.

The University’s profile is also consistently oriented towards the students’ individual requirements. The courses are structured in such a way as to permit flexible organization and to take into account the wide range of individual life situations. In addition, great importance is attached to the international orientation of all courses of study.


Research, teaching and practice are closely integrated at the Karlsruhe University of Education. The dialogue between research and practice results in application-oriented research questions and contributes to the further development of scientific principles. Combining research with teaching gives rise to development projects with practical aims, teaching-research projects and service-learning options through which the students can deepen their reflection-based knowledge. An active research culture is encouraged where methodological diversity, interdisciplinary exchange and subject specialization are brought together and interlinked.


Support for young researchers
Support for young researchers plays a central role. Through a culture of actively combining research projects with classes and courses, students in all courses of study are provided with insights into the practical aspects of research. Doctoral students and research assistants are mentored and supervised within a comprehensive framework. Besides numerous thematically focused colloquia providing opportunities for the discussion of research projects among peers, an inter-university interdisciplinary research forum emphasizes thematic diversity and exchange between the disciplines. Internal further education formats are supplemented by the Graduate  Academy of the Universities of Education in Baden-Württemberg’s established programme.. Moreover, the administrative office of the Graduate Academy is located at Karlsruhe University of Education.


The Karlsruhe campus
The main campus is located in the centre of Karlsruhe which radiates the charm so typical of the region of Baden. With its eight universities and important research institutes, the city is one of Germany’s major research locations. All other universities in Karlsruhe are within easy cycling distance of the University of Education.


Courses of Study and Further Education Offerings

Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes for Teaching Certificates

B.A. Education (Primary Level)

B.A. Education (Secondary Level I)

M.Ed. Primary Level

M.Ed. Secondary Level I

All courses of study leading to teaching certificates can also be taken with the European Teaching Certificate profile in the target languages English or French.


Bachelor’s Programmes

B.A. Pedagogy of Childhood

B.A. Sports-Health-Leisure Education


Master’s Programmes

M.A. Educational Science

M.A. Biodiversity and Environmental Education

M.A. Intercultural Education, Migration and Multilingualism (including a double degree with the University of Palermo)

M.A. Sports and Movement in Childhood and Adolescence (in cooperation with the KIT and the University Heidelberg)


Advanced and in-service Master’s programmes

M.A. Education for Senior Citizens (in-service programme)

M.A. Integrative Support for Giftedness and the Gifted (in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland)


Further Education / Certificates of Advanced Studies

Certificate Programme “Management Responsibility in Early Childhood Pedagogy” (with the possibility of changing to the Bachelor’s programme “Pedagogy of Childhood”)

Certificate Studies Bilingual Teaching/Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Certificate programme eVOCATIOn

Certificate Studies “Geragogy” (Education for Senior Citizens)

Certificate Studies Managing Diversity: Shaping and Developing Diversity

Certificate Studies Multiprofessional Counselling and Regional Networking

Certificate Studies for Further Education in Companies

Karlsruhe Relaxation Training (ket)

Contact Studies Adult Education

NaDiQuAk – Subject-didactic Qualification Course: Didactics of the Natural Sciences


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