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Ludwigsburg University of Education (PH Ludwigsburg)

Ludwigsburg University of Education is the successor of the Pedagogical Institute Stuttgart, which was opened in 1946. Then, in 1962, the PH Ludwigsburg was upgraded to become a University of Education and in 1966 it relocated to the new site in Ludwigsburg. In 1987 the Department of Special Needs Education from the former PH Reutlingen was integrated into the university and in 2015 was transferred in its entirety to the Ludwigsburg campus. Today, with around 5,400 students and approx. 450 members of staff, the PH Ludwigsburg is the largest University of Education in Baden-Württemberg. It sees itself as a modern centre of excellence for the educational sciences in four closely interrelated areas: school education, early childhood education, education for adolescents, adult and further education, and education in the cultural and social sector.

The Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes for the teaching professions Primary School, Secondary Level I, European Teaching Certificate Secondary Level I and Special Needs Education form the basis of the university’s profile. In addition, a Master’s degree in Vocational Education (Teaching Certificate for Vocational Schools) can be obtained from the PH Ludwigsburg. To an increasing extent, the PH – in cooperation with the Stuttgart universities in the vicinity – is also involved in providing holistic qualifications for teachers at grammar schools (selective high schools). Starting in January 2016, a joint Professional School of Education is being established which will coordinate the teacher training at the universities in the Stuttgart region. The joint Master’s programmes for the Teaching Certificate Secondary Level I and the teaching profession at grammar schools will be launched in 2018.

The special feature of three other Bachelor’s programmes is the combination of the educational sciences and discipline-related approaches interlinked with their teaching pedagogies with areas of out-of-school education (Early Childhood Education, Cultural and Media Studies, Educational Science).

In addition to this, students can specialize in a wide range of Master’s programmes for certain professions and areas of research in the fields of education and culture.

The in-service Master’s programmes that provide the qualification for management positions in the educational management sector and in educational leadership, including an international joint Master’s degree in international educational management, are specially organized on a part-time basis. The PH Ludwigsburg is also active in the area of further education through teaching certificate programmes.

The main focus of the numerous research projects are studies in the field of subject related teaching pedagogy and educational science, including psychology. The supervision of doctoral students by experienced professors is further supported by a research promotion office. After their doctoral studies, students have the opportunity to proceed to a postdoctoral qualification. The EU joint research centre of the Universities of Education in Baden-Württemberg on the Ludwigsburg campus is a service provided to all six Universities of Education.

The International Office cultivates close contacts with over 75 partner universities and offers a large number of students opportunities to spend time abroad. A second major focus is on the international exchange of faculty staff. Over 100 foreign students study at the PH Ludwigsburg every year, roughly the same number of students from the PH study abroad each year in European countries and other parts of the world. Academic symposia are regularly held in conjunction with a number of universities in various countries on the basis of partnerships that have been built up over many years.

In the next few years the PH Ludwigsburg will further develop the range of the study programmes offered and its role as the pivotal educational institution in the region. In addition to this, it is also a place of vibrant campus life. Cultural highlights are firmly integrated in the university’s Calendar of Events. These include changing exhibitions in the Studio Gallery as well as readings and concerts in the Literature Café.


The Courses of Study and Degrees at the PH Ludwigsburg

Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes for the Teaching Profession

  • Teaching Certificate Primary Schools (B.A. / M.Ed.)
  • Teaching Certificate Secondary Level I (B.A. / M.Ed.)
  • European Teaching Certificate Secondary Level I (B.A. / M.Ed.)
  • Teaching Certificate Special Needs Education (B.A. / M.Ed.)
  • Teaching Certificate for Vocational Schools in cooperation with the University of Applied Science Esslingen (Bachelor of Engineering / Master of Science for Vocational Education)
    • Electrical Engineering / Information Technology
    • Automotive Engineering / Mechanical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering / Automation Technology
    • Supply Technology / Mechanical Engineering
    • Information Technology / Electrical Engineering

Bachelor’s Programmes

  • Educational Science (B.A.)
  • Early Childhood Education (B.A.)
  • Cultural and Media Studies (B.A.)

Master’s Programmes

  • Cultural Studies and Management (M.A.)
  • Educational Research (M.A.)
  • Special Needs Education (M.A.)
  • Adult Education (M.A.)
  • Early Childhood Education  (M.A.)

Advanced Master’s Programmes (in-service further education):

  • Educational Management (M.A.)
  • International Education Management (M.A.; joint degree with Helwan University, Cairo)

Postgraduate Qualifications

  • Doctorate (PhD)
  • Postdoctoral Qualification


Ludwigsburg University of Education (PH Ludwigsburg)
Reuteallee 46, 71634 Ludwigsburg, Germany

Phone: +49 7141 140-0
Fax: +497141 140-434

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